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Twice Stolen
A novel by Susanne Timpani

Catholic Seal of Approval


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Am so glad I waited until I had an uninterrupted afternoon to start reading TWICE STOLEN as simply couldn’t stop. It is a great page turner! I have seen the movie, Rabbit Proof Fence, more than once and of course read and heard quite a lot about the stolen generation in Australia, but this sure brought it all home to me in a real and vivid way...  I love the way this author has blended the spiritual thread through the story with real characters. She has allowed them to be flawed at times, as they deal with tough issues of faith and God’s love through difficult seasons of life... Read more

Dale Harcombe

This is an extremely interesting read. Twice stolen was the winner of the Caleb award for faith-inspired writing. It is easy to see why. There has been a lot of research has gone into the story, the characters are interesting and there is a wealth of information about Indigenous customs that threads its way through the story…  This is primarily a book about people and the secrets they keep and the situations they find themselves in...Read more

Jo-Anne Berthleson

'Twice Stolen' by Susanne Timpani is a compelling, well-written and carefully researched story that manages to blend romance, mystery and faith in an original and intriguing way. While it does deal with such serious topics as ‘The Stolen Generation’ and breast cancer, it is also an enjoyable and heart-warming read...Read more 

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