Sunday, 9 October 2016

10 Minute Daily Retreat October: Gift of Knowledge

Read the Word of God with a prayerful heart.
By Jane Borg (No.222)

To know and love God. What an incredible gift! Yet so often I take this gift for granted, forgetting that it a privilege to be chosen by God, to be in relationship with Him. 

We have been given the grace to say Yes when there is so much on offer in this world that would distract us from God.

In Ps 46:10, God challenges us to “Be still and know that I am God”.

This can be hard for us in our busy lives, but God wants to travel with us and help us even in our busyness. He can't do that if we don't invite Him in, and if we don't set some time aside to get to know Him better. 

The more we get to know God, the more we will love Him and trust Him and want to spend even more time with Him. 

To know that God is God, and we don’t have to be, is very comforting! He is much more capable of leading and guiding us than we are ourselves.

God longs to be known by us. Isn't that wonderful! Let us treasure this gift and use it.

Read the scripture slowly.
Reflect on its meaning for you.
Listen for God's voice in the stillness. 
Pray for God's blessing upon you.

Jane Borg