Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cup of kindness

10 Minute Daily Retreat - Read the Daily Gospel with a prayerful heart.
By Susanne Timpani (No.158)

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Mark 9:30-41
 For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ, will by no means lose his reward. (v:41) 

I read a book recently, I Leap Over the Wall, about a nun who entered a silent order in 1914, and after discerning she never had a vocation in the first place, left in 1941. Her first moments of leaving the convent walls were ones of utter shock.

After twenty-eight years, the world as she remembered it had completely vanished. Her sister had arrived to meet her as planned but promptly stated that the flat mate refused to extend hospitality. She had become 'a conscientious objector to nuns who leave convents.'

How incredibly sad I felt. Regardless of our personal thoughts about this nun's decision, both to enter and to exit, she deserved a night or two of kindness. Every needy person belongs to Christ. When they represent something we find distasteful, giving 'a cup of water to drink' can be difficult.

Whether this is due to their religion, political beliefs, life choices, criminal or abhorrent behaviour towards others, that cup of kindness is something Jesus urges us to give.

5 minutes: READ the text slowly.
REFLECT on a phrase or word that struck you.
SPEAK to God about your thoughts.
5 minutes: LISTEN to God speak to you.
RESPOND with a prayer that feels right for you.
Susanne Timpani

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