Sunday, 9 November 2014

My Father's House

Sunday Reflection (no. 4)
Susanne Timpani
Have you ever been bombarded by hawkers as you approached a popular tourist location? They can be very annoying, and their presence threatens to cheapen the experience of the visit. Yet we tolerate them; after all locals need to make a living. Sometimes you may even find a bargain!

I wouldn't feel so tolerant if they followed me into the building.  If it were a site that I held sacred, I may even feel violated.  In the Gospel today, Jesus is furious with people who have crossed the boundary between prayer and trade. He calls the temple His Father’s house and he is fiercely protective of its purpose as a place for worship.

Photo by C. Timpani
‘Stop using my Father's house 
as a marketplace!’ 

How protective am I of the sacred space where I meet my Father? Am I committed to my quiet time even when the world around me is chaos? 

5 minutes: READ the text slowly.
REFLECT on a phrase or word that struck you.
SPEAK to God about your thoughts.
5 minutes: LISTEN to God speak to you.
RESPOND with a prayer that feels right for you.
Susanne Timpani