Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Daily Prayer Part 2

10 Minute Daily Retreat (no.19)
By Melanie Edwards
Too busy to pray??
Be still and know that I am God……..(Psalm 46:10)


I know what it is like for life to get busy…. really busy. I often find myself writing lists of all the things that I need to do. When there are many things pressing for our time, prayer can seem like the easiest thing to let go of in order to have more space in our lives.

But paradoxically, as I read recently in a book by Sheila Cassidy, prayer should be the last thing to go, rather than the first. This is certainly a challenge, but I believe it to be true.

It is really only by taking time to be still with God, that we can then discover Him to be present with us in all the busyness of life.

It is by taking the time to be still with God that we grow in realising the difference a time of daily prayer actually makes.

It is by taking time to be still with God that our day of busyness can be seen with new eyes, as a series of opportunities rather than simply tasks to be ticked off any list I have made.


How might God be inviting me to slow down and be still? What things in my life is He inviting me to see as opportunities rather than simply tasks to be done?

Melanie Edwards
5 minutes: READ the text slowly.
REFLECT on a phrase or word that struck you.
SPEAK to God about your thoughts.
5 minutes: LISTEN to God speak to you.
RESPOND with a prayer that feels right for you.